TrueWall Estimation Guide

Estimate your Siding Project

This tool is designed to assist you in measuring the external surfaces of your home and will calculate the estimated amount* of vinyl siding and accessories needed to complete your project.

Once estimated, your materials list can be printed and taken to your nearest dealer to complete your purchase. To find the nearest TrueWall provider, please reference our Dealer Locator. It’s easy, so let’s get started.

Step One:
Click on a category on the animation (right) to learn how to properly measure the external surfaces of your home.

Step Two:
Print the measurement worksheet to write down your individual measurements.

Step Three:
Grab a tape measure, a pen and a ladder and measure the exterior surfaces of your home. Use the worksheet as your guide of what specifically needs to be measured.

Step Four:
Return to your computer, login (right) and input your measurements into the estimation guide.

Step Five:
Click the product estimation button to view and print to provide to your local dealer for assistance.

While inputting your measurements, you may find that you need to go back outside and measure something you missed. Remember to hit the save button at the bottom of each screen to save your progress.

*In calculating the approximate quantity of materials required to complete your vinyl siding project, TrueWall has used reasonable efforts to provide an accurate estimate. However, the information provided is only an approximation. Consequently, no guarantee, representation or warranty has been made that the actual amount of material needed will not vary from this estimation.