Why TrueWall Vinyl Siding

Why TrueWall Vinyl Siding

True to you.
True to your craft.

Contemporary, traditional, cottage...no matter what type of home you're building, TrueWall by Ply Gem is the ideal way to complete the look.

TrueWall Vinyl Siding and Soffit is strong, dependable, a great value and built to last: exactly what today's builders and remodelers need to stay competitive. And, because it's from Ply Gem, one of America's largest manufacturers of vinyl siding, you can count on the quality and support you need to install TrueWall with confidence. Over the last four decades, we've earned a reputation for listening to our clients and delivering quality products you can depend on — all backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Designed with you in mind.

  • Excellent quality and value
  • Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Engineered for reliable, fast installation
  • Solid performance season after season with virtually no maintenance by the homeowner

Engineered to stay beautiful.

  • Low gloss finish provides the look of painted wood
  • Attractive wood grain texture mimics wood without any of the hassles
  • Profile shadow lines create the look of natural wood siding
  • Styles and colors to accent any home — traditional, cottage, contemporary

The science behind the strength.

  • Color-through technology minimizes the appearance of scratches
  • Won’t peel, flake, check or craze like paint
  • Color is consistent from panel to panel, box to box for color uniformity over one home or dozens of homes

A Healthy Respect For The Planet — And Our Customers.

TrueWall, manufactured by Ply Gem, can help you meet your sustainable building goals and earn points in leading green building certification programs. Our products offer features that positively contribute to sustainable building practices, improved energy efficiency or lifecycle benefits of homes. All are important aspects of sustainable building and reflect TrueWall Vinyl Siding's contribution to the Ply Gem Enviro initiative.

Sustainable Resources:

  • TrueWall vinyl siding is manufactured from two abundant natural resources: salt (57%) and natural gas (43%).1
  • All post-product scrap material created during the manufacturing process is reclaimed.
  • Vinyl siding generates less construction site waste than cardboard packaging, brick or lumber.
  • When installed and used properly, TrueWall Vinyl Siding products never require paint or stain, which reduces VOCs released into the atmosphere.
  • TrueWall aluminum producers have been evaluated by a third party and are Green Circle certified to contain a minimum of 67% recycled content.
  • Ply Gem facilities reuse and recycle pallets and packaging material, reducing raw material needs and landfill use.
  • Ply Gem works with its suppliers to recycle as many materials as possible, including cores, cardboard padding, paint totes, batteries, light bulbs, toner and paper.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Vinyl siding requires less energy to manufacture per square foot than brick and mortar.2
  • TrueWall Vinyl Siding is lighter weight per square than other cladding options, so it requires less fuel to transport. Less fuel used means less pollution.
  • All Ply Gem facilities do their part to conserve energy by doing simple things like turning out lights on weekends and during shutdowns.

Lifecycle Benefits of Homes:

  • TrueWall Vinyl Siding is durable and requires no site finish. Our Metal Products stand up to weather with virtually no maintenance.
  • When installed properly and under normal use, our products should never require painting or staining. They won't crack, peel, blister or rot.
  • All of our aluminum accessories are easily recyclable. In fact, at the end of its lifecycle in building applications, 100% of the aluminum can be recycled.

* For complete warranty details call 1-888-502-BLUE

1 “A Dozen Things You Might Not Know That Make Vinyl Siding Green,” page 9, Tad Radzinski, P.E., LEED AP, and VSI. October 10, 2009. http://www.vinylsiding.org/greenpaper/
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